.NET Community Weekly Review - December 13th, 2010

Notable Tweets

http://twitter.com/#!/tekool/status/11083612728332288 Javascript, 15 years old but did Ajax grant it a second life ?

http://twitter.com/#!/A_Giorgetti/status/11796727090647040 More and more tools for NHibernate, here a mapping explorer

http://twitter.com/#!/djsolid/status/12838177752485888 Comparing sorting algorithms, the visual way.

The  Stackoverflow Question

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1037344/how-to-get-unused-memory-back-from-the-large-object-heap-loh-from-multiple-manage Memory usage diagnostics can be tricky. (If you don’t know the blog of Tess Ferrandez, it’s a very good resource about the world of debugging.)

Microsoft News

After Silverlight last week, it’s now Entity Framework’s turn to reveive some love from Redmond. This update of EF is centered around the code-first experience. The last CTP is out and this 5th version of the beta program gives some key features to the ORM framework: better support for existing database, new change tracking API, validation on the model etc.

The guys over at InfoQ  predict (with links not yet active as we’re writing this review) the upcoming SP1 for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0. According to them, the most visible update is the help system: “For the first time in over a decade this reporter can actually say he enjoys using off-line help.”

“Alt.NET” News

Frans Bouma who is well-know for his opinions and his role as lead developer for the ORM called LLBLGen delivers a blog post about Algorithmia. This project is a library with implementations of “well-known algorithms which weren’t already implemented in .NET itself “: Graphs, Command, Heaps, EventThrottler, etc.

We talk a lot about Mono in our reviews but if you need to read just one thing about the Open Source implementation of .NET it’s this post from Miguel de Icaza where he lists all the good things coming from the team at Novell.

On The Other Side

Amazon announces a new cloud service, again. Route 53 is a Domain Name System (DNS) service. The new API can be used to route users inside or outside the Amazon infrastructure.

Tim Peierl, member of the Java Community Process Committee, resigned from this group that oversee the certification of the different standards around Java Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Google gives to V8, the JavaScript engine of Chrome, a new compilation component, Crankshaft.  With it, the engine is supposed to be 50% faster. Why do we need Chrome OS when we already  have a powerful browser


Local announcement : Wednesday, December 15th a meetup about CQRS and Event Sourcing by Julien Letrouit. Details and registrations: http://montrealdevelopers.wordpress.com/2010/11/10/materiel-et-prochaines-sessions/ (the presentation will be in French).

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