.NET Community Weekly Review - January, 10th 2011

Notable Tweets

http://twitter.com/#!/KirillOsenkov/status/22105323225489408 resolution as a shopping list.

http://twitter.com/#!/thealgabban/status/22075115793547264 but others have a very bad beginning.

http://twitter.com/#!/jonathan_oliver/status/22020496258240512 Podcasts, one more about distributed applications.

The  Stackoverflow Question

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4544606/performance-benefits-of-appdomain-vs-process AppDomain versus Process.

Microsoft News

The 2011 CES has not been a good one for Microsoft. Nothing really new has been announced: Avatar and Kinect, update with copy/paste for Windows Phone7, Windows 8 will run on the ubiquitous ARM mobile platform.

“Alt.NET” News

NService-Bus 2.5 has been released, bringing mainly bug fixes (the new features are for the 3.0 version). But this new version comes with a new licence: the free version has support for only one server with a maximum of 4 CPU cores , the commercial one has several support levels and better scalability. Another service bus in the .NET world is MassTransit.

On The Other Side

In this post Raphael Pereira writes about JavaScript trough the questions about it on Stackoverflow and Quora.  Why does JavaScript experience momentum on the server-side? What’s the difference between jQuery (an helper library) and YUI (a framework)?

Local announcement: After the CQRS / Event Sourcing presentation, the workshop! Saturday, January 15th from 9:00 to 3:00PM come to code a DDD-CQRS-Event Sourcing application with others developers.

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