.NET Community Weekly Review - January, 31th 2011

Notable Tweets

http://twitter.com/#!/navin_l/status/29572917381570560 Debug & Trace, the FAQ

http://twitter.com/#!/siravington/status/29932102073982976 TODO with Resharper

http://twitter.com/#!/abhi2434/status/30913593008463872 Task Parallel Library DataFlow or TDF, a new lab from Microsoft

The Stackoverflow Question

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4665045/how-to-get-the-word-under-the-cursor-in-windows Odd question about getting text under the mouse, interesting answer about automation.

Microsoft News

Microsoft reported their results for the latest quarter. The bread winners are still Windows 7 (300 millions licenses sold) and Office 2010 (+50% compared to the 2007 version) but Kinect (8 millions of units in 60 days) and Xbox 360 are coming strong. We don’t know the final numbers yet for Windows Phone 7 (2 millions “licenses” sold, but no device statistics released) but the software editor confirmed his commitment to the platform.

“Alt.NET” News

Dale Ragan founded recently SineSignal around some “alt.net inspired” products including Moncai. It’s a Mono-based Platform as a Service (PAAS) cloud solution. With a privileged link to GitHub and Mercurial, your deployment will be as simple as a push command. Moncai will handle the scaling of your application. More information with this podcast Herding Code 98.

On The Other Side

In this presentation at QCon San Francisco 2010 Ashish Kumar talks about the management of source code at Google : 5000 developers, 5000 developers and only one source code repository, 50% of the source code changes during the course of one month, systematic code review, aggressive caching of build artifacts and more importantly, lots of analysis to improve the build tools continuously.

Local announcement: February 16th, join us for a presentation on REST: Hypermedia Driven Rich Clients: Bringing the best parts of web architecture to the desktop – Darrel Miller (@darrel_miller).

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