What's in my bag (second edition)

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/AP7hZW

-laptop: MacBook Pro 13” Late 2013
-gloves and tuques (cap), the weather is weird at the moment in Montreal, one day is mild at 13 Celsius and the day after it falls at -2
-a bag from CCA (Canadian Center for Architecture): I’m using it to bring back the vegetables from a weekly delivery at the grocery shop (pousse l’ananas)
-a pack of adhesive bands: bought it in Seoul during our summer trip. I can be clumsy, specially when shaving
-candy wrapping: my hairdresser has a candy pot nears the cash register …
-a plastic bag from a nice shop (jeans jeans jeans): I’m using it to protect the bag from my lunch box
-a USB key, never used it but you never know!
-some business cards
-my wallet, a gift from my brother
-my access card for the office
-my keys
-the usual Apple earpods
-some change (I hate bigger wallets so I end up with a lot of change in my bag)
-a Zequenz notebook bought in Tokyo (did I mention I love to travel?)
-hand cream: winter is coming so it means dry hands for me :(
-a Sarasa Zebra 0.7 pen and another one from Asiana airlines (you know because travel …)
-And my bag: KPONG SATCHEL from Cotopaxi www.flickr.com/photos/matthieu/22850657490/in/dateposted-...

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